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03-05-2011, 05:05 PM
For a better understanding and analysis of hands, we ask you to please insert hands according to the following guidelines.

1. Topic title

The title should include the limit, your hand and the number of players. It should not be bland and vague; instead it should indicate the issue in question.

The followings could make good titles:

NL50: QJ two pairs against a regular
NL10 - AKs - SB - turn move

2. Edit the inserted hand

The hand you insert should have a quality layout. We suggest you edit it, i.e. put spaces among the flop, turn and river parts, for instance. If possible, convert the hand.

Recommended converters:

A) weaktight.com (http://weaktight.com) – You can convert hands directly from PokerTracker and Holdem Manager. Choose the format under the FTR tab to insert the hand in your post.

B) pokerhandreplays.com (http://pokerhandreplays.com) – Replays and displays the hand graphically as well. You can link uploaded hands in your topic. It looks like this: Hand Preview - Poker Hand Replays (http://www.pokerhandreplays.com/preview.php/id/275092)

3. Omit the result of the hand

Generally, readers who are shown the result of your hand cannot develop an objective opinion on what they would have done, had they been you. Moreover, we advise you to insert your hand only up to the point where the particular issue occurred. For example, if you want to know what other players would have moved on the flop, do not insert the turn and the river.

4. Use card symbols

If you cannot convert the hand (see 2.), use card symbols. Others will have a much easier time analysing your hand if they can see the coloured symbols, too.

5. Paste your opponents’ stats

In poker, one can only make the right decision if they know the opponent. Please make sure you include as many stats of the villain as possible; in addition to their name, add at least their vpip/pfr/af data, and in case these were unavailable, do jot down whatever you think of them and if the two of you had had any history before.

6. Write down your stats and whatever your opponent might have thought of you

It might well be of interest what your opponent could have thought of you. Include a few words on this if possible.

7. Indicate your interest

In case it was not obvious, do not forget to indicate exactly what you are interested in. Make sure you keep checking your topic and answer any related questions that might be important for the correct analysis of your hand.

8. Do not insert a straightforward hand only because you had a bad beat

You should not insert a hand where you obviously had the nuts and you played it well only because you eventually had a bad beat. It is pointless to ask what you have done wrong; such a hand belongs to our Bad Beats, Variance Forum (http://forum.rakerace.com/forumdisplay.php?10-Bad-Beats-Variance).