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03-10-2011, 04:59 PM
This is where you can offer stuff for sale, provided you stick to some general rules.

First of all, Rakerace.com does not take responsibility for any transactions in this forum. Purchase, sell and transfer at your own risk. We do suggest, however, that you double check (e.g. with Google or asking around the forum) whoever you are dealing with and, if you are a prospective customer, you never pay in advance.

In addition, you need to observe the following regulations. Note: if you fail to keep to these principles, we will remove your post and warn you once. Disregard them a second time, and you risk permanent ban.

You May Not:

Start any topic outside the scope of this forum; that is, one in which you do not offer a product for sale.
Offer illegal items, including but not restricted to software (cracked or otherwise), any kind of material that infringes copyrights, stolen goods, electronic or live accounts and memberships, licenses, subscriptions, etc.
Offer drugs, alcohol, tobacco or any related products, regardless of your state’s regulations.
Offer poker hands, personal data or any related databases or services.
Advertise or offer your product for commercial purposes. This forum is maintained for player-to-player transactions only.
Repeat or re-date your post. You may offer an item again only after your previous post has been removed by Admin.

You Shall:

Write the poster who offered the item you are interested in a Private Message. DO NOT conduct business on the forum itself; any enquiries about a particular offer will be removed.
Indicate in your post if the item you offer is sold. Posts indicated this way will be removed, so that the forum remains transparent. Posts without indication will be removed after one month.
Give the exact type, specifications, condition and price of the item you offer. You might want to add some relevant additional information (e.g. guarantee expiry date) but if you omit any of these four, your post will be removed.

Please do check this post regularly as it is subject to change without notification.

We wish you a pleasant stay here and have a nice time browsing around the offers! :)

06-22-2011, 08:54 PM
FOR SALE: poker and casino articles.
I already have some topics or it can be the topic of your choice.

Contact me if interested.