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Thread: Nitroing through the stakes

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    No change online

    Just another lovely session. -91$ in 600 hands, 4 wins 11 losses, march has rushed by the -400 mark. According to the stats i'm now a standard loser in the CAP games, lol. I won over 1000$ in December, grinding it out from session to session. I wonder if thats how i gonna lose 1000 in march, losing every single session. One happy thing is that starting from tomorrow i will use my new laptop.

    I also think i should quit poker, because i got taught a lesson today.

    PartyRoy1992: you go all in with not such a good cards, if you have AA or KK okay I understand, but with QQ the chance of getting a A or K is very high

    Oh well, I did all my previous plays wrong...

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    Long time no see

    Hi guys, it’s been a lot of time since I last blogged my struggles, but thankfully this is a little more positive than those earlier posts. I left of fin a middle of a downswing on CAP NL50. I’ve managed to bring that loss back with a couple of good sessions, but I got a little disappointed int he CAP games.

    PokerStars than decided it has too much money and started a couple of awesome promotions, starting with a reload bonus I took advantage of, than there was the 60 Billion hand celebration form which i got exactly 0$ (i know the odds are little, but its frustrating that I played through the 25, 40, 50 and 60 Billion celebration and never even won a cent ), and they also created a FPP league for Hungarians, which was good because I know that I’m in the top100 in cash FPPs in my country, but a months grinding for just 30$ doesn’t really makes sense
    With those being said, I decided to „leave” PokerStars. („Leave” means I will have a bankroll there, and I will play throughout the SCOOP, but it won’t be my grinding place for some time) I decided FTP may be better for me, since they still offer shallow stack play, which has been my comfort zone on PS for a long time. I took 800$ from PS to FTP and I’m starting on NL25 SH (10$ buyin) temporarily, just to set my brain back to 40bb deep play. When I’m confortable and secured my bankroll I will move up to NL50 SH. My first impression is like playin gin a time machine set to 2004.

    Stuff to remember here:
    • if a reg 3bets you, his range is QQ+, seriously.
    • if your cbet gets raised on a dry flop, your facing a set.
    • limp-raise is a monster
    • AKs type hands WILL flat your raise on the big blind

    Just to get it clear, this is not a joke, the biggest winning reg I’ve met so far plays a solid 16/12/2. With that in mind, I just need to play the ABCest ABC poker, and moneys will grow.$$$

    Goals for April:
    • 35k hands
    • +EV play on NL25 and NL50 as well

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    GL for plans! You can do it!

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    @ PartyRoy1992 I love when fishes try to teach/explain something about pwnker It's a lot of fun

    GL 4 your plans, at this time I also move to FTP, so I hope both of us will have a good run at full tilt
    "Want a cookie?"

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