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Thread: $21 TPGK on dry flop

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    $21 TPGK on dry flop

    quite early in the match, villain was weak, straightforward, but capable of bluffing (weakish bets in terrible spots, mainly on river). So my problem here is his donk is too small to just call and get it in on 3 streets so at some point i'll have to raise. Sadly this flop is extremly dry so a raise looks quite strong but i feel raising on turn or river looks even stronger. I dont like my betsizing, too small to get it in 2 streets, too large for 3 streets.
    I guess the standard line would be call-call-raise to get value from his bluffing range but i doubt he will bluff multiple streets often or any at all. This way i loose value vs his made hands when he c/c.
    The other option i came up with is minraising the flop, making it 180, giving him a chance to spazz but still be able to get it in on 3 streets.
    Any suggestion?
    No Limit Holdem Tournament
    2 Players
    Hand Conversion Powered by
    $20 + $1 Heads Up Sit & Go

    Hero (1,505)
    BB (1,495)

    Blinds: 15/30

    Pre-Flop: (45, 2 players) Hero is SB
    Hero raises to 90, BB calls 60

    Flop: (180, 2 players)
    BB bets 90, Hero raises to 300,

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    im not a husng player but its a way ahead way behind situation so if i raised, i would make it to ~2,5x. this is good if he is likely a fish who blows away his chips with tp no kicker or any piece of the board. otherwise i would just call and call/raise turn and try to get it in depending on turn card and his action. other problem is that against a better player ur card is totally face up if u raise big on this very dry flop cause you represent tpgk+ range.

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    What's ur plan if he 3bets OTF? Like a clickback to 510. I don't know, but the flop raise don't seem fine to me. I think flat, than raise a turn is better, 'cos u get max value from a 6...maybe I would clickback OTT, it's look like superfishy (like an inforaise), and he might call me down with a 6, or 77, 88, weaker K
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    Against this player i would call and get it in on the turn if he 3bets the flop. But i think his flop lead is a stab or a marginal holding 90%+ of the time based on how he was playing (he pot/overbet with strong hands). I can see the merits of raising the turn, esp when 2 flushcards hits, i would just like to get money in early because hands like pps are significant part of his range and too many overcards will kill the action.

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    You are right, a flop raise has its merits, but I still like more a call. A half pot bet is not that small.

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