Yesterday i was in a hurry while writing the post, i forgot to mention another player type who owns me and i feel i adjust poorly. These guys plays 100% vpip in and out of position and keeps firing minbets and 1/2 pot bets pretty much no matter what and almost never folding flop or turn. It feels like im playing NL holdem against FL omaha.
The key here is board texture but i will have to think about this in more details.

Meh, i just saw whats the time, i'm still on my mtt sleeping schedule which is effed up. I wake up 4pm, it takes at least an hour and some coffee to become wide awake, i eat something and it's already 6pm, i start playing, play until 2-4-6am (game dependent), go to bed 8am. Now, the 4am-8am is not really the ideal time zone to have free time you see. I'm not playing mtts on weekdays now, so i will try to modify this to go to bed at 4am and wake up arund 2pm, but i don't have an idea how to do that. If i wake up too early i will be tired all day unable to play poker. I have a lot of trouble sleeping. I can't fall asleep if i'm not totaly tired. I think i'll figure out how to do this on a weekend. (which also sucks, because weekend is time to meet friends, and all of them complaining that i'm never available, we can never watch a movie or have some beer and even on IM i usually respond "sorry can't talk, lots of tables going", this is not good at all)