in exclusive rake race and rakeback payouts so far

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Thread: Hey poker

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    Hey poker

    You have worse bonus release rates than site itself?
    22,5% compared to 45% for welcome $2000.
    I guess it's ok if race value is closer to 60% (30-60% you advertised)
    Also, not 100% sure but i think bonuses are deducted from MGR (unless it's another disadvantage of your deal in compare to other ones)

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    Players can participate in our monthly exclusive $5000 cash race only if they use one of our special 16PP/$ bonus codes. The bonus release condition is worse than the central bonus but at the end you will receive back more with the bonus and race winnings.

    Heypoker bonus do not influence the VIP shame - corrected

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    thanx admin for the information

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