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Thread: Astonishing Twist in the FTP Story - PokerStars Buys Full Tilt?

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    BREAKING NEWS - Astonishing Twist in the FTP Story - Is PokerStars Buying Full Tilt?

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    I don't really believe PS would keep FTP alive as a separate room in the long run. FTP under PS will only exist as long as it is useful, that is:
    - It is a point of reference in PS' struggle to re-enter the US market once it is regulated. Helping out all the FTP clients must be a very good point at the DoJ.
    - "Shut up and take my money": it might well be worth $750 million for PS to stop all the sh*t flying around this deal, kick GBT out of the picture, settle the issue but they just don't need FTP I think. Once everbody has their money, PS will have no interest in investing in the room.
    - The best business model is to create your own rival firm. However, once people realise there really aren't TWO major companies but ONE, it becomes pointless and they might as well merge it and rule the entire market openly.



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