A lot of players have trouble adjusting their post-flop gameplay after a pre-flop bet. Continuation betting in all cases is not a good solution, neither is only to bet when the flop hit you.

If you do not hit the board, you have to consider carefully what needs to be done. You have to analyze the texture of the flop, and collect information on your opponents’ tendencies. The more often your opponents fold to a continuation bet, the more often should you bet out. This is also true if the flop is uncoordinated.

There is one case however, when it is almost always necessary to bet, and this is a King high uncoordinated flop. It doesn’t really matter if you connect to the flop or not at all. Just go on and bet it.

In most cases, your opponents will fold. Be careful, though, because if you get called, you will need to consider your further actions carefully.