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Thread: Problems with AQ early

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    Problems with AQ early

    Early in the tournament (90man sng, didn't know whether I should post it to the sng thread or here), so I don't have information about villain. OTR I thought I might get some value from some overvalued pair or dunno. They can do funny things.
    How should I play this hand? Is it okay till the river? What should I do there?

    No Limit Holdem Tournament
    8 Players
    Hand Conversion Powered by
    $12 + $1 KO Sit & Go

    Hero (2,985)
    UTG+1 (3,105)
    MP1 (2,610)
    MP2 (2,955)
    CO (2,955)
    BTN (2,955)
    SB (2,910)
    BB (3,750)

    Blinds: 20/40

    Pre-Flop: (60, 8 players) Hero is UTG
    Hero raises to 120, 1 fold, MP1 calls 120, 1 fold, CO calls 120, 2 folds, BB calls 80

    Flop: (500, 4 players)
    BB checks, Hero bets 300, MP1 calls 300, 1 fold, BB folds

    Turn: (1,100, 2 players)
    Hero checks, MP1 checks

    River: (1,100, 2 players)
    Hero bets 460, MP1 goes all-in 2,190, 1730 to Hero (2105)?

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    I think your play is fine. (even tho i would just bet bet bet 1/2 pot to charge those funny hands and to avoid split otr) OTR it's uhhh, gross. The more i think about it the more easy the fold semms, i cant see any hands to go crazy with what we beat.

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    I should have done the same, because it was the same here. When I played this I couldn't really think about it, but now I think we're beat... Almost always. Of course I was. He had A4,lol.

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    Senior Member Mr. Pi's Avatar
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    Feb 2011
    The opponent's line is so classical. I can see myself in ur place when there was a flushdraw on the flop and it got there on the river. Its the very same line what most take then and they usually have it.

    The problem here is that practically nothing completes on the river so you can't really know whats up. If he played tight and passive early its maybe a fold but besides that I would pretty much close my eyes and call that every time.


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    Administrator want2push's Avatar
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    Jan 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by dodi89 View Post
    He had A4,lol.
    Crazy call preflop, fkn donk got lucky.

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