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Thread: poker on a mac

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    Feb 2011

    poker on a mac

    i'm requesting your help again, im a mac user (not because of the hype but because of the insane stability and speed over windows) and only some of the biggest rooms do have a mac client. PartyPoker's instant play sucks. I'm planning to us some kind of virtual environment like vmware or parallels to use windows in.

    anybody in a similar situation? thx

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    Senior Member tob1n's Avatar
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    Feb 2011
    well, if nobody uses a mac, maybe i can help future generations out here. i experimented a bit, and found out a pretty decent solution to the lack of good poker software for the mac. here's what you should do (and what i did, and works for me):

    1. you should install a software called parallels desktop (there's also Vmware Fusion, but i haven't tried that).

    2. you'll need a copy of a windows operating system (or whichever you prefer, but for poker it's definitely windows)

    3. you'll have to create a new virtual machine inside of parallels (you can mount the windows install disc as an image file or just insert the DVD). the installer will guide you through the process, it's very easy and streamlined.

    4. once you have a working windows set up inside parallels, you might want to update it, and then you can install the poker clients, holdem manager and basically any windows applications you would like to have.

    If you have a recent mac with 2GB+ memory, the speed will also be fine, and i personally was amazed how great this app works. everything is automated, very easy to use and the 2 operating systems work together just as if they were meant to in the first place. if you aren't a geek/software wizard, you can still use this software without any problems. in fact, it's easier to install a windows this way than to install it on a real pc.

    so, pc users, if you were afraid to buy a mac because you would have to give poker up, don't worry. the stability and the much better os justifies switching. however, if you don't like the virtual machine concept, you can always install a full, separate copy of windows on your computer using another handy program called bootcamp. if you'd like to get help with that, i could also help you with that.

    Good luck to all!

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