Hello everyone,

I focused on PL Omaha hi for the last 2 3 year but not consistent enough.. i am struggling because omaha changed me entirely as a poker player. I feel that i became more of a gambler and lost the value of $.. I made more then once a lot of money from 50-100$ playing of bankroll and managed to loose everything when downswing came.. just can t control my self and then i start increasing the limits to recover the losses and i alway end up at 0

In the last 8 weeks i made 1900 and 1600 $ from 100 and both times i ended up with 0 within 1 day.

I played a lot PLO100 and now i can t value low limits and i expect big pots and make money fast..

I fell that i need some help and advice to come back to reality.. it is crazy how i do not feel the value of money anymore.. of course i do not want to give up, i want to beat this issue..

If any of you has some things that can help me , everything is welcome..

I expect positive advise not hatters!

Thank you,