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Thread: Betting Tactics

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    Betting Tactics

    I am starting this thread to share thoughts on some of the common (and not-so-common) sports betting tactics. Do they work? Can any of them be trusted?

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    One betting strategy I found quite interesting is the '2 favorites, 1 tie' strategy.

    First, we need to choose 2 matches (in this example I will be talking about European football), in which we are pretty sure of the outcome (like Barcelona, Chelsea or Sevilla matches, for example). Multipliers don't really count, you just need to choose two matches that could not cause a huge surprise.
    Odds surely won't be huge, but they will win, and this is what matters.

    Now, make 10 combo bets the following way:

    Bet on the same two favorites in all 10 cases, and for a third match, choose 10 matches, which you think will be ties, so you get 10x 3-combo bets.
    Ties can be chosen from leagues where there are a lot of matches in one round (like the French League 2, for example)

    Here's an example with numbers:

    1. favorite with 1.30 odds
    2. favorite with 1.30 odds
    10 ties, 3.5 odds each

    So, we have made ten bets, with 5.92 odds each.

    Well, if one of our favorites loses, we lose 100% of our money.
    If the favorites win, but there is no tie, we also lose all our money.
    If there is one tie, we lose 40.8%.
    And here comes the turn: if there are 2 ties, we are up by 18.4%
    With 3 ties,we are already up by 77.6%
    With 4 ties, we win 136.8%
    With 5 ties, we win 196%
    With 6 ties, we win 255,2%
    With 7 ties, we win 314,4%
    With 8 ties, we win 373,6%
    With 9 ties, we win 432,8%
    With 10 ties, we win 492%

    Of course, the matches always need to be chosen very carefully, but catching at least 3 ties is easily possible, and brings good profit, too (not to mention, what happens if we get more than 3 right).

    So what do you guys think about this? Has anyone tried out something like this already?
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    I don't think any of these tactics can be profitably in the long run. You can bet profitably, but the way is that you have to work on it. Analyse matches and markets. It can be a work like poker, but not with systems.

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    Agree here that there is not a system which can be profitable in long run... From my experience can say only that thing which for sure will be profitable in long run is to bet value odd only (you can read about value in odds on some typical bookies forums) altough nowadays its harder every day to find matches with such odds,bookies learned a lot since past few years,they dropping odds very fast or give a smaller limits of money which you can put on a bet.... still I think betting its nice alternative for e.g poker especially for ppl who loves sport...

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    Hey, what about the 3 Real Madrid - Barcelona matches which are coming? are there any special betting opportunities on these events? What do you think, which team can win the el clásicos?

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    I'm not sure if a tactic really helps. Well knowledge helps to win! If you inform yourself about the whole games and participants then you increase your chances. But probably I have to try one of these tactics and then I will say something different.

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