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Thread: Poker clocks

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    Administrator want2push's Avatar
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    Jan 2011

    Poker clocks

    If you are organizing home tourneys, you may need a poker clock. By using a poker clock it becomes much easier to set up live, professional style poker tournaments.

    Here are two free online poker clocks, which keep track of blinds and antes, too.

    I. An online poker clock.

    II. A bwin skinned downloadable poker clock.

    Please share, if you know better free poker clocks.

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    Senior Member Mr. Pi's Avatar
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    Feb 2011
    Thanks! I was looking for something like that since a while. Tried both of the links what you provided and the second one beats the first one blindfolded with its little pinky on its left hand. If you know what I mean . The Bwin one is far better looking far more structured so its far better quality.


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    Thanks a lot!

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