As my nickname indicates, I'm pkr2010, with not too much participation here, but with a strong participation in DC, where I'm well known for being a player who struggled really hard and that now is making a very nice living from poker. Right now I'm crushing NL200 and with a solid plan to start playing NL400 by the summer.

You can search my posts in 2p2 or in DC and realize that in fact I struggled with the game a lot. And this is what makes me a great coach; I have been there recently, and I know how to get out of it I'm a great story of success after hard work, and if you want to do the same thing, there's no one better than me to help you out.

I currently play NL200 and play around 5K hands a day, 10-12 tabling 6max. This means that you would be getting your coaching directly from someone who is playing right now, probably as you read this.

My results up to NL100: http://i.imgur.com/eAlkJ.jpg
My results at NL200: http://i.imgur.com/GkrMP.jpg

My coaching plan

My plan focuses on the thinking process. My objective is get you to the next level by making you a much more smarter, feared player. I don't just tell you what your leaks are, I tell you why they are leaks, and teach you how to improve your thinking process so that you can then find your leaks yourself and develop your own strategies. My aim is to make you a flexible, thinking, non-standard player.

First session

For the first session I like to watch you play. I would watch you for about 30 minutes to get an idea of your playing style, while I take notes on your most important leaks (and also your more important strengths so that you keep doing them). After those 30 minutes we will talk about this in detail; I won't only tell you what your leaks are but I'll also tell you why and why you are missing some lines in your thinking process. After the first session you will know what you have to work on and you will already be thinking about poker in a much more smarter way.

Follow-up program

For next sessions I like to do hand reviews, leak finding through stats observation in your database, sweat sessions, theory discussions, and mindset/psychological mentoring. I do all those teaching you the 'why' all the time and making you a better thinker. It's all up to you on what method you find more enjoyable, and it's my job to teach as much as possible. I suggest you to take notes because I can give out a lot of information in one session.


My rates are very low for what you can get with me. I try very hard to make you learn more than what you actually pay for. Also, my sessions do not finish exactly when the hour is over; there is no hurry and you'll realize that I'm not even watching the clock. My rates are:

NL25 - $49/hr (3 or more sessions upfront: $45 each)
NL50 - $65/hr (3 or more sessions upfront: $59 each)
NL100 - $89/hr (3 or more sessions upfront: $79 each)
NL200 - $109/hr (3 or more sessions upfront: $99 each)

Session format

The format for the session is using Skype for calls and Teamviewer or Mikogo for watching your screen. I'm very flexible and don't have any problem if you prefer any other application.

Drop a message in this thread if interested

Good luck at the tables!