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Thread: Poker Rules Game

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    Senior Member BBSven's Avatar
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    Feb 2011

    Poker Rules Game

    Let me invite you to play a game here

    I'm sure almost all of you have encountered the situation when you sit down with friends to play some poker. Now, you are bound to have one or two people who have never played before. For the rest of you to be still able to enjoy the game, you have to give a quick but thorough explanation of how the game works, right?

    Now, the task is as follows: try to summarise the rules of poker for a complete beginner as shortly as you can. You must include the basic rules (strength of hands, how hands are dealt, blinds, bets, etc.) and you also have the option to tell what and how you would do in the first couple of hands if you played them as demonstration (but you don't have to). You can of course use any source that you want, but the description must be written in your own words.

    I usually have trouble with being concise and still including everything, so I'm pretty curious about how this turns out

    Let the game begin and have fun!

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    Senior Member Mr. Pi's Avatar
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    Feb 2011
    Would show hand strenghts with examples:

    One Pair:
    Two Pair:
    Three of a Kind:
    Full House:
    Four of a Kind:

    Meanwhile explain what if ppl have the same type of hand.

    Holdem rules: Explain step by step the processes of a hand.

    Before the flop:
    -Small blind is posted by the player after the dealer.(Small blind is half the amount of the Big blind.)
    -Big blind is posted by the player after the Small Blind.
    -Dealer Deals. -After every player has 2 cards the person after the Big Blind has 2 act.
    -He has 3 options:
    Fold. (throw cards away)
    Call the lowest amount of raise. (currently the Big Blind)
    Raise. (raise any amount) (this repeats on the next streets)
    -After the first player next to the big blind acted, the next person comes clockwise. We repeat this all way until the Big blind.

    The flop:
    -After everyone acted the flop is dealt to the board. 3 cards from the deck.
    -Every player who didnt fold can use all the cards from the board to combine his hand (see hand strength).
    -After the flop is dealt another betting round starts (like before the flop). Now starting from the Smallblind until the dealer. Again, only for the persons who didnt fold before can act.

    The Turn:
    -After this the turn comes which gives another card on the board (not 3)
    -Another betting round comes similiar to the flops betting round.

    The River:
    -After that the turn comes which gives another card. Its called the River. (Dont ask me why are these phases called like that)
    -The last betting round comes after which the showdown comes. People who are still in the hand have to show their 2 cards and the better made hand combined with the board wins.

    If only one player remains any time during the hand he/she won the current pot automatically.

    Play a few example hands.

    Kinda thats it.
    Not too long. Pi
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    Feb 2011
    Nice one, thanks Concise and clear, I like it

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