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Thread: 22$ | 9 max | 2-way question

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    22$ | 9 max | 2-way question

    Hey guys! Let me see your thoughts about this particular hand.

    Stats: (All filtered to 3-5 handed)
    BTN: 24/23/30% steal over 383 hands (good reg)
    SB: 44/9 over 103 hands (big fish)
    BB (Hero): 27/23 over 383 hands

    Full Tilt, $20 Buy-in (60/120 blinds) No Limit Hold'em Tournament, 3 Players

    SB: 10,718 (89.3 bb)
    Hero (BB): 1,808 (15.1 bb)
    BTN: 974 (8.1 bb)

    Preflop: Hero is BB with :K:
    BTN raises to 974 and is all-in, SB folds, Hero calls 854

    Aright now I have basically 2 questions kindof connecting to eachother regarding this hand:

    1) Would you call here / with what range would you call the BTN's shove?
    2) If you were in the BTN's place what % would you shove in this spot?

    Thanks for all the answers,

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    Since he seems a good player he might shove here 80-100% (because he knows you will not call the big stack light). I'd call it as well. Ranges... Maybe K8s+ KTo+ A7+ A2s+ 55+. Maybe I'm really wrong here:S Just an opinion

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