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Thread: 22$ - Bubble - Nitty question - Should I call and go Postflop here?

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    22$ - Bubble - Nitty question - Should I call and go Postflop here?

    Aright so basically the shortstack guy is the one who makes this hand a bit unsure for me. He has 10 BBs and I have a comfortable lead on him.

    CO plays 28/26 over 285 hands (reg) filtered
    SB plays 28/9/1.3 over 69 hands (passive fish) filtered
    BB plays 81/59 over 82 hands (lol) filtered

    Full Tilt, $20 Buy-in (50/100 blinds) No Limit Hold'em Tournament, 4 Players

    CO: 4,250 (42.5 bb)
    Hero (BTN): 2,115 (21.2 bb)
    SB: 980 (9.8 bb)
    BB: 6,155 (61.6 bb)

    Preflop: Hero is BTN with
    CO raises to 250, Hero ?

    The main prob is that I don't wanna play a big pot and stack down with top pair good kicker and that would be the most common scenario when I hit. The BB is likely to come along too.

    The other point would be that I fair awesomely good vs the openers raising range with KQo. So what should be the best way to play this hand?


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    I just fold it as well. It's too risky imo I'm a weaktight fish tho,lol

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